Letter from the ECCRWF President

Dearest Ladies and Associates

The Board and I have been keeping abreast with all the COVID 19 news. In compliance with our President’s guidance and instructions we will be cancelling our April 9 General Meeting at Sweeney’s and postponing the White Elephant Sale until a further date.

We also felt it necessary to reschedule our GEORGE PAPADOPOULOS FUNDRAISER to a later date. I have been able to reschedule with George and McCauley Estate Vineyards to SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1 pm to 5 pm. We will have new tickets made but keep the posters and just update the date. This will allow us more time to sell our tickets!

I am so disappointed as I know you are. We will just take this day by day. We will keep you updated regarding the May meeting and all other news. The April Newsletter will be sent to you.

May I just say that myself and so many others see the importance of what this isolation time must be – they are trying to halt the spread. But there will always be viruses in the world – if not this one than another. It is not unusual but what is unusual and deadly is the spread of fear, panic and hoarding. More than sick people this is what we are seeing. There are many opinions as to what is really going on here. The economy is trying to be taken down for sure. We don’t have the complete understanding but this we do know……Our God is allowing this. There is a plan and a purpose to all things. Our job is to wait on Him and to trust He will take us through this time.

I pray you will be safe in your homes – have all the supplies you need and be well until we can be together again. I also pray that Our Lord will give you a blanket of peace to surround you and your families. It is an excellent time to catch up on some old movies, finish those half read books, organize closets (for the White Elephant!) and delve into Bible Studies.

Please join us for our weekly Prayer Call tonight and on all Thursdays at 7 PM. 641-426-1600 access code 962416# We have so much to lay at the Father’s Feet.

Be Blessed as we continue to be the Work of His Hands,
President ECCRWF